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What is a Skixer?

The word Skixer is short for 'Ski Fixer'.

A Skixer is someone who lives all year round in a ski destination and can use their expert local knowledge & connections to help our clients have perfect ski holidays.

We only have one Skixer in a destination, so you can look forward to a long term cooperation when you join us.

Who makes a great Skixer?

Our perfect Skixer is someone who loves their local area and enjoys helping guests experience the best their destination has to offer.

Our Skixers are positive, fun and excitable people.

They are also hard-working and love getting lots done.

If it's you, you likely have a burning desire to help strangers fall in love with your destination just as you do.

We are looking for enthusiastic team players who have entrepreneurial skills and are excited to be part of a global team and vision.

Becoming a Skixer is an opportunity to have that "best job in the world" while being part of something bigger.

What does a Skixer do?

You build strong relationships with your partners and friends in your destination (hotel owners, ski pass office, ski rentals, ski schools, restaurant owners and anyone else who can help your guests have an amazing holiday).

For accommodation partners you will:

  • Contact hotels, bed & breakfasts, apartment owners in different price and quality categories to help get them on the homepage.
  • Make sure the accommodation descriptions are accurate.
  • Help them take and upload good quality pictures.
  • Measure walking distances to important locations in resort.
  • Make sure all the prices are correct.

For ski passes you will:

  • Meet with your ski pass office and get a great deal for our guests

For ski rentals and ski schools you will:

  • Meet with all the businesses negotiate deals with each, so our guests receive the best service at the right price.

You'll also record lots of videos to help clients learn more about your destination before they arrive.

When clients are in your destination you will:

  • Give them a call before they arrive and answer any questions they have.
  • Arrange for their ski pass to be delivered to their accommodation.
  • Help them have the best holiday possible while they’re in your destination.

What must a Skixer be great at?

All our Skixers tend to have these things in common:

  1. They love helping their clients have amazing holidays and treat them as if they were a close friend visiting.
  2. They have a wide network of relationships with everyone locally.
  3. They are quick communicators with their guests over Whatsapp and provide the best quality local knowledge when asked.
  4. They enjoy supporting accommodation partners with questions about the website.

How much can a Skixer earn?

You receive a commission per guest. The amount depends on whether they choose the Lite or the Full service.

For Lite Service guests as a minimum, you will,

  1. Check your guests booking information is correct.
  2. Call guests one week before they arrive and answer any questions they have.
  3. Deliver ski passes to your guests so they have them when they arrive.

For Full Service guests, you do everything in the Lite Service plus,

  1. Give your guests top quality advice and answer their questions over WhatsApp and phone.
  2. Help guests book restaurants and other activities.
  3. Anything else you'd like to do to make your guests holidays as perfect as possible.

How can I join you and become a Skixer?

Are you still interested? Great! The next step is for you is to send us a message to introduce yourself.

Please provide as much information about yourself and your destination as possible.

When you have done that, the ball is in our court, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading this far, and we hope you will be part of our team devoted to giving our guests perfect ski holidays in and around your home destination.

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